Episode 13: XPO chief Brad Jacobs on consolidation in the $2 trillion logistics industry

With Guest Speaker: Brad Jacobs, Chairman & CEO, XPO Logistics

Priyanka talks to THE Brad Jacobs, Chairman & CEO of XPO Logistics. Brad was the biggest outsider in the logistics industry in 2011. And fast forward to now in 2018, he’s not only the biggest insider but has truly changed the face of the industry in just the past seven years he’s been in it!

While most 3PLs and logistics companies are headed up by industry veterans who have lived and breathed logistics their entire lives, Brad casually walked in 7 years ago with past experiences in wildly unrelated spaces such as construction equipment, waste collection and oil trading, and went on to own the logistics industry like nobody’s business!

A lot of XPOs success stems from a series of successful acquisitions – which is where Brad came with a wealth of background in! There’s a lot of exciting development in the logistics space – which is over a 1 trillion dollar industry.


Brad Jacobs, Chairman & CEO, XPO Logistics

Questions Brad answered

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