Episode 3: Taking on Amazon and Supply Chain Disruptions

With Guest Speaker: Jim Tompkins, Founder of Tompkins International Consulting

Priyanka talks to Jim Tompkins, Founder of Tompkins Intl Consulting. They cover topics – such as how can companies respond to the Amazon threat, what are the biggest drivers disrupting supply chains today, what are some of the things supply chain execs should have an eye on and how do we bridge the talent gap in the industry.

Questions Jim answered:

For more on this, listen on.

About Jim

Dr. Tompkins 40-plus years as CEO of Tompkins and his focus on helping companies achieve profitable growth, gives him an insider’s view into what makes great companies even better.


As a high-level business and supply chain strategy advisor and as an entrepreneur his unique perspective prepares corporations and executives for the future. His focus over the last several years has been in the areas of eCommerce, Omnichannel, Unichannel, Robotics, IoT and harnessing the power of digital disruptions. As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tompkins International (Tompkins), he provides leadership for Tompkins global consulting and implementation businesses. As the Chief Entrepreneurial Officer of Tompkins he has devoted over 50% of his time since 2015 on three new ventures: MonarchFx, SensorThink and Tompkins Robotics.

Dr. Tompkins has received many awards, most notably the prestigious Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award from the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE). The award is an attribute that recognizes the contributions he has provided to the welfare of mankind in the field of industrial engineering.

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