Episode 12: President of SEKO on collaboration, cultural differences, and upcoming trends in logistics

With Guest Speaker: James Gagne, President & CEO of Seko Logistics

Priyanka talks to James Gagne, President & CEO of Seko Logistics. James brings with him 24 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, and has spent significant time in China heading up companies like Agility and DB Schenker.

“Consolidation” is something that is becoming increasingly common in the logistics industry in North America, so I’m sure that experience comes in very handy!

SEKO has undergone tremendous growth over the years, and has also recently got in to a strategic collaboration with Hermes Logistics in Germany. I’m really excited to talk to James today about various topics such as the biggest challenges in logistics and freight forwarding, how do we bridge the talent gap in logistics, how do we solve for the truck driver shortages, what is the future of cross-border eCommerce and what kinds of innovative partnerships we need to forge going forward.

#### Questions James answered


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