Episode 5: Practical ideas to tackle cross-border eCommerce challenges

With Guest Speaker: Roman Sobieri, Head of Shipping & Orders, Etsy

Priyanka talks to Roman Sobieri - Head of Shipping & Orders at Etsy. Etsy is a global eCommerce marketplace for handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. Etsy has about 54 million registered buyers and sellers across the world.

Etsy operates in virtually every single country and so naturally with sellers and buyers in multiple countries, there are a lot of cross-border challenges involved – including customs, excise, customer expectations, dealing with multiple carriers and above all, maintaining profitability and margins for each individual seller as well as the company. This podcast aims to uncover ways to tackle the cross-border challenge in retail.

Questions Roman answered

For more on this, listen on.

About Roman

Roman began his career in aerospace engineering at Pratt & Whitney, but followed his interests in the growing ecommerce industry to Fujifilm. As the first product leader in the new digital image printing technology, he transformed a traditional film printing company into the top US online and in-store retail digital image printing fulfillment business. roman_photograph

After a successful IPO and later Borderfree acquisition by Pitney Bowes, Roman became responsible for global cross border delivery for the new combined retailers and marketplaces business at Pitney Bowes as Vice President of Global Shipping Operations. During those years he has worked passionately to reduce customer friction around cross-border ecommerce and shipping, building tools, systems and partnering with the US Customs and Border Protection. While, in his spare time he studied to get a US custom broker licence. He also worked with legislators and industry groups for four years to draft and finally pass the US Customs Reauthorization Bill, including presenting to both US Senate Finance Committee and the US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee in Washington DC, as an industry international ecommerce expert to promote this favorable this ecommerce regulation. In the final legislation, he was able to add language that eliminated double taxation on US returns for customers in cross border sales, and increasing the US de minimis to $800 for low value ecommerce imports. Roman has been the Head of Shipping at Etsy for the past year, and has recently added Head of Payments and Listing Management to his growing responsibilities.

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