Episode 15: FreightWaves CEO on future of freight – Blockchain, digital marketplaces & Futures trading

With Guest Speaker: Craig Fuller – Founder & CEO of FreightWaves

Priyanka talks to Craig Fuller – Founder & CEO of FreightWaves, a platform that provides the most up-to-date information on the freight market. He’s also the founder of BiTA – which is the Blockchain in Transport Alliance – basically an association to help educate and advocate for the implementation of blockchain applications across the logistics industry.

Craig’s also been involved in developing a futures market for the trucking industry – which surprisingly isn’t something that already exists! This is something that’s of particular interest to me because it could be a game-changer in what’s over a 1 trillion dollar industry! What’s REALLY interesting about Craig is that he has inherited his background, interest and love for trucking and logistics by his father – who owns US Express, the biggest privately-owned trucking company. Craig literally grew up in this industry around trucks and load-boards and has seen it evolve over the years to what it is today.


Craig Fuller – Founder & CEO of FreightWaves

Questions Craig answered

  1. What is the biggest, most under-rated development that’s unfolding in the logistics industry at the moment?
  2. What is the most over-rated trend reported today about the freight industry that’s unlikely to have any major impact?
  3. Why isn’t there already an existing futures market for the trucking industry? And what will it take for it to actually take off? What effect would this have on the business?
  4. Now that incumbents have started coming out with their own digital freight matching platforms, what does this mean for VC-backed tech start-ups?
  5. Is there really a driver shortage?
  6. What is the role that blockchain is currently playing in logistics and how long will it be before it’s ubiquitous? What are the major roadblocks currently to its adoption?
  7. Paint me a picture… What does the freight industry look like 10 years from now?

For more on this, listen on.

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