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Episode 16: Supply chain veteran Ben Cook on moving iPhones to moving cannabis

Priyanka talks to Ben Cook – COO of MedMen – the largest cannabis company in the US. But let us back up a little bit here and address the legend that is, Ben Cook!

Episode 15: FreightWaves CEO on future of freight – Blockchain, digital marketplaces & Futures trading

Priyanka talks to Craig Fuller – Founder & CEO of FreightWaves, a platform that provides the most up-to-date information on the freight market. He’s also the founder of BiTA – which is the Blockchain in Transport Alliance – basically an association to help educate and advocate for the implementation of blockchain applications across the logistics industry.

Episode 14: Doug Stephens on Amazon’s blind side and the future of retail

Priyanka talks to Doug Stephens, Founder and CEO of Retail Prophet, the consultancy Doug founded almost 10 years ago. Doug has spent over 25 years in the retail industry and is one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists. Safe to say, retail is now completely different to what it used to be when Doug started out. In huge part thanks to eCommerce!

Episode 13: XPO chief Brad Jacobs on consolidation in the $2 trillion logistics industry

Priyanka talks to THE Brad Jacobs, Chairman & CEO of XPO Logistics. Brad was the biggest outsider in the logistics industry in 2011. And fast forward to now in 2018, he’s not only the biggest insider but has truly changed the face of the industry in just the past seven years he’s been in it!

Episode 12: President of SEKO on collaboration, cultural differences, and upcoming trends in logistics

Priyanka talks with Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL eCommerce. He has been in the industry 34 years now, and currently responsible for the Americas, APAC, Middle East and Africa regions.

Episode 11: CTO of CaseStack on what Blockchain can do for logistics and supply chain

Priyanka talks to the Chief Technology Officer of CaseStack. He has been at CaseStack for over 17 years and in technology for over 20 years.

Episode 10: DHL eCommerce CEO on cross-border, last mile and all things eCom

Priyanka talks with Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL eCommerce. He has been in the industry 34 years now, and currently responsible for the Americas, APAC, Middle East and Africa regions.

Episode 9: Cindy Miller of UPS on Solving for the Talent Gap, Truck Driver Shortages and More

Priyanka talks to Cindy Miller of UPS about various topics such as the biggest challenges in freight forwarding, how do we bridge the talent gap in logistics, how do we solve for the truck driver shortages and what kinds of innovative partnerships we need to forge going forward.

Episode 8: Sucharita Kodali Weighs in on the Biggest Retail Shifts and How a Brand Can Keep Up with Changing Trends

Priyanka talks to to Sucharita about surprising developments in retail over the years and how the role of the stores is changing

Episode 7: Mike Edwards on How to Differentiate your Brand and De-silo your Organization

Priyanka talks to Mike Edwards, strategic advisor for eCommerce and retail technologies, and former CEO of eBags, Borders and Lucy Activewear.

Episode 6: REI on having a core vision for your supply chain strategy

Priyanka talks to Bill Best – DVP Supply Chain at REI. Recreational Equipment Inc commonly known as REI, is an American retail and outdoor sports company.

Episode 5: Practical ideas to tackle cross-border eCommerce challenges

Priyanka talks to Roman Sobieri - Head of Shipping & Orders at Etsy. Etsy is a global eCommerce marketplace for handmade or vintage items and craft supplies!

Episode 4: Best Buy’s CSCO on How to Pull Off a Successful Supply Chain Transformation

Priyanka talks to Rob Bass, CSCO of Best Buy, on the entire journey and experience of the supply chain overhaul Best Buy went through over the last 5 years pulling it out of the brinks of bad business performance to a thriving force in consumer electronics today!

Episode 3: Taking on Amazon and Supply Chain Disruptions

Priyanka talks to Jim Tompkins, Founder of Tompkins Intl Consulting. They cover topics – such as how can companies respond to the Amazon threat, what are the biggest drivers disrupting supply chains today, what are some of the things supply chain execs should have an eye on and how do we bridge the talent gap in the industry.

Episode 2: How China’s biggest retailer scales its supply chain for a $24.7bn shopping festival peak

Priyanka talks to Lori Chao, Director of Intl Communications at and former Wall Street Journal Supply chain reporter on what it takes for China’s biggest retailer to be prepared for their 618 anniversary sale which just last week raked in $24.7bn over two weeks! Lori talks about the various processes and technologies

Episode 1: Is Facebook the next Amazon of Retail and Logistics?

Priyanka talks to Brittain Ladd, a strategy and supply chain consultant, about who the strongest contender is to supersede and replace Amazon, To Priyanka's surprise, Brittain's answer wasn't Alibaba or Walmart. It was Facebook!

Listen on to know more.

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