Episode 10: DHL eCommerce CEO on cross-border, last mile and all things eCom

With Guest Speaker: Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL eCommerce.

Priyanka talks with Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL eCommerce. He has been in the industry 34 years now, and currently responsible for the Americas, APAC, Middle East and Africa regions.

Charles is very passionate about eCommerce and has a personal blog at www.future-of-ecommerce.com – on top of which it says What’s Brewing!! That is brilliant – who doesn’t love a good pun.

Questions Charles answered

Charles has also travelled to 111 countries. To know which the 111th country is, and lot of other stuff, listen on…

About Charles

Charles Brewer is CEO of DHL eCommerce, a division of Deutsche Post DHL Group, which he joined in 1984. In his role, he leads a global team responsible for developing solutions that enable the eCommerce sector.


Charles is a proven expert in supply chain, international shipping and e-commerce with over 32 years of industry experience, covering multiple global regions and disciplines across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Africa.

Prior to joining DHL eCommerce, Charles was the Managing Director for DHL Express, Sub-Saharan Africa where he was responsible for the successful business and operations of 54 countries and territories, encompassing more than 50,000 customers, 4,000 employees, 250 facilities, 5 regional hubs and 20 dedicated DHL aircraft.

Charles started his career at DHL in the UK, before moving to the DHL Express Asia Pacific region where he was appointed Country Manager for Philippines and subsequently Country Manager for Malaysia. After Asia Pacific, Charles spent 5 years in the Americas region, where he first led the commercial organization and later was the General Manager for the North East region.

Charles was born in 1965 in the UK. After completing school at Lord Wandsworth College, he went on to Cranfield and Reading University and has also completed executive programmes at Henley Management College.

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