Episode 4: Best Buy’s CSCO on How to Pull Off a Successful Supply Chain Transformation

With Guest Speaker: Rob Bass, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Best Buy

Priyanka talks to Rob Bass, CSCO of Best Buy, on the entire journey and experience of the supply chain overhaul Best Buy went through over the last 5 years pulling it out of the brinks of bad business performance to a thriving force in consumer electronics today! Rob discusses what the key factors to success are for supply chain leaders looking to disrupt and keep up with change.

Questions Rob answered

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About Rob

Rob Bass is Chief Supply Chain officer for Best Buy Co. Inc. In this role, he is responsible for the strategy and day-to-day operations of Best Buy’s Global Supply Chain, including eight Regional Distribution Centers and 15 Delivery Distribution Centers that fulfill 1,050 stores, appliance home delivery and e-commerce fulfillment. He also oversees the company’s transportation, global compliance and trade teams.


Prior to joining Best Buy in August 2015, Mr. Bass served in various supply chain and retail positions at Target Corp. for 12 years. Before that, he was a commercial airline pilot for 12 years. Mr. Bass attended the U.S. Naval Academy and holds a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He serves on the board of directors for Minnesota Life College, a nonprofit that teaches life skills to young adults on the autism spectrum, and is a member of the advisory board for Marquette University’s Center for Supply Chain Management. He also led the logistics subcommittee for the Super Bowl LII Host Committee.

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