Priyanka currently heads up the Retail sector at EFT – a business intelligence and research company in supply chain and logistics, headquartered in Central London.


An electrical engineer by education, and a former business-technology consultant at McKinsey, she has been now working in the supply chain industry for a few years. Her work involves liaising with C- and VP level executives and decision-makers in supply-chain and omnichannel across a range of retail companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Walgreens, Nike to uncover common trends, challenges and opportunities rocking the industry. She then creates a platform to bring these executives together in person to have a meaningful discussion around those themes, and network with their peers in a friendly and inspirational setting.

With Supply Chain Scoop, Priyanka aims to get the best and the brightest minds in the industry to share stories and ideas about themselves, their companies and the industry at large.

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